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Skill Development – Bass Run Fills

Using bass run fills to connect common chord progressions is a great way to add interest to your own playing, or when you’re accompanying your class. Watch this free video lesson from Mike Christiansen and Consonus to learn how. Be sure to download the included PDF. … [Read More...]

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Spice Up Your Teaching with Guitar Licks

For this blog, I want to take a detour from the pedagogical material and show classroom guitar instructors a few licks that can be learned quickly and played while the students are strumming chords, or playing alternating bass, or even … [Read More...]

Classroom Guitar Assesment Ideas

Class Assessment: What Do They Think?

I recently observed a middle school guitar class using one of the best forms of assessment possible, and to top it off, it also implemented one of the best student attention getters possible. The teacher had the classroom equipped with microphones mounted high … [Read More...]

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