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Lesson Structure

All teacher’s know how essential it is to have a lesson plan for the class period, but what constitutes a good lesson plan for guitar? In this week’s Classroom Guitar Teaching Tips video blog Mike Christiansen discusses the key aspects of lesson structure that you should understand.

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Sequence Every Skill

Every skill that guitarists learn has an associated sequence that  it should be taught with. By using the correct sequence there’s a natural progression that allows … [Read More...]



The Muted Strum

Sometimes it's the small things that make the biggest difference. In the world of guitar accompaniment techniques good time and rhythmic feel can make you sound like … [Read More...]

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Skill Development – Bass Run Fills

Using bass run fills to connect common chord progressions is a great way to add interest to your own playing, or when you’re accompanying your class. Watch this free video lesson from Mike Christiansen and Consonus to learn how. Be sure to download the … [Read More...]


Creating a Fingerpicking Solo

Have you ever wondered how to go about combining a melody with a fingerpicked chordal accompaniment to create a solo guitar arrangement? If you don’t know the process it can seem like an insurmountable feat, well beyond the reach of the average … [Read More...]

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