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Skills Development – Fingerstyle Connecting Runs

Fingerstyle connecting runs are the glue that turns simple fingerpicked chord patterns into professional sounding accompaniment.  With a few simple rules you'll be able to incorporate this technique into your own playing. Watch this free video lesson to learn how and download the pdf below. … [Read More...]

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Chords, Chords, and More Chords

As a harmonic instrument the guitar offers the possibility of literally thousands of chords and voicings, yet most guitarists only know a handful of them. So which ones should you learn? It depends on the context. Each style of music has it’s own distinct … [Read More...]


Spice Up Your Teaching with Guitar Licks

For this blog, I want to take a detour from the pedagogical material and show classroom guitar instructors a few licks that can be learned quickly and played while the students are strumming chords, or playing alternating bass, or even … [Read More...]

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