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lended, K12 Music Curriculum

Non-Traditional Music

School music programs are assailed on every side by:

  • budget cuts
  • increased emphasis on STEM and core academic subjects
  • teacher layoffs
  • students not beginning music lessons early enough to join ongoing programs
  • decline in students opting into music classes.

With that in mind, CMI’s emphasis on non-traditional instrumental music is designed to broaden the appeal of music classes among students of all ages, while continuing to value the essential role of traditional forms of musical education, furthering the objectives of arts program administrators and music teachers everywhere.

Our current offerings of guitar, ukulele, and world percussion, are based on the instruments students are most drawn to in survey after survey, and in our experience in classrooms throughout the country.

The first thing students say when offered a choice is that they want to play guitar or drums. And ukulele is enjoying a dramatic surge in popularity right now.

Capitalizing on the visions of rock-stardom dancing in their heads, the CMI classroom music education system provides the solid educational materials required for students to learn to read and play real music – the first steps toward a lifetime of genuine music appreciation, if not exactly a guarantee of superstardom.


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